2019 week twenty eight

Book Read

Kilometres Ran
week twenty eight – 54.6

2019 to date: 1,352 KM

I didn’t actually read nothing but I didn’t finish reading anything either, which is almost entirely to do with the fact that I finally broke down and bought a copy of Fallout 76 for XBox and I’ve been postapocalypticking pretty much constantly since. I thoroughly enjoy playing immersive video games, unapologetically, to the detriment of my reading. I’m not great at video games. I mean, I’m not going to the video game Olympics or anything, but I’m okay. It might seem like a useless waste of time, but….

Last Sunday I went for a run over-and-back on Burrard Bridge and then over-and-back on Lions Gate Bridge and then on Monday just before noon I sat down in front of my laptop and pre-logged into Eventbright and PayPal and Strava and double checked all my details and then as the clock in the top right corner clicked over to 12:00:00 I hit Command+R on the Take the Bridge ticket page and secured myself an entry to the inaugural Vancouver run coming up on Thursday, July 18. Ten minutes later I check on the site out of morbid curiosity and found as I suspected that it was already sold out. I found out later that it sold out in two minutes, and some deep conspiracy theorist out there believe it sold out in seconds. Whatever the case may be, all this time I thought I was preparing for the impending nuclear Armageddon what with the nonsense happening south of the boarder and you know exactly with I’m talking about. But nope; turns out it was all so that I could click my way into Take the Bridge. So next time someone says video games are a waste of time, tell them I say bullshit. What is Take the Bridge, you ask? I’d never heard of it before seeing on Instagram Briana Hungerford (Mile2Marathon crew) winning it in New York last September. There there was this article in Runner’s World (see I do still read some stuff) and anyway I’m pretty excited in spite of having little clue as to what exactly I’ve gotten myself into, and possibly being resented by more than a few in the running community for getting in at all. But if you need to find me between now and then you can try Appalachia under the handle VonDoppelganger. Mind you I’m pretty solitary on there too.