2019 week thirty one

Book Read
29. No, Wait. Yep. Definitely Still Hate Myself – Robert Fitterman

Kilometres Ran
week thirty one – 42.3

2019 to date: 1,457 KM

I picked up this long poem expecting a bit of dark humour but instead found only dark. It’s not funny at all. Okay, there are accidental moments of humour sprinkled here and there, but over all it’s just banal, self deprecation that goes on for 88 pages. Fitterman trolls social media and blogs to compile a singular voice of abject sadness. Not this one though, as far as I could tell. The endeavour is interesting, and the way in which he manages to string it all together so that it seems to be coming from one voice is impressive, but otherwise it’s really rather meh. I mean, I’ve encountered the very real people whom Fitterman gives a mic with this work, and I’ve muted them. The (surprisingly?) out of print book is available for free as a PDF press proof here in case you’re in a fine, level mood or better (worse?) and have had just about enough of that shit.

Finish line sprint for a 40:40 at the 2019 VFAC Summerfast 10K. Photo by Taylor Smith (cropped).

So it happened that I was at Summerfast 10K to run around Stanley Park and I ran into local marathoner extraordinaire Walter Downey (PS this link will only work until his next marathon PB) and we got to talking about running and he asked me about what I was up to and I told him about my long goal to get into Boston #125 in 2021 and that meant running a late summer / early autumn 2020 marathon to go along with turning one year older and therefore ten minute qualifying time slower next year. If you’re confused, imagine moi. So Downey took pity on me and set me straight on how Boston qualifying actually works and then I said, “Oh.” And then, just to be sure, I asked, “So, what you’re saying is that I can run a marathon this fall that would qualify me for Boston #125 in 2021 and if things go terribly I won’t have proverbially put all my eggs in one basket?” and he said, “Yes.” So I asked, “What do you recom…” “CIM,” he replied. So I ran Summerfast and then for the next week I was basically that kid in The Wizard.

(Have you guessed my BQ age category yet?). So after a few days pondering and without confirmed time off approval from the office and with only about 4% space remaining I registered to run the California International Marathon in Sacramento, CA on December 8 and then booked a hotel and then booked a flight and then I met my past Mile2Marathon coach Kevin Coffey for coffee and asked if he’d be willing and interested in doing another marathon build with me and he said, “Yes.” Next week is sixteen weeks from CIM and Kevin and I start building on Thursday. I’m pretty damn excited.