week two

Books Read:
3. God in Pink — Hasan Namir
4. The Weather — Lisa Robertson

Kilometres Ran:
this week — 28.59
to date — 65.43

I did not like God in Pink. It’s not really a story that one likes, per se, and there in lies the problem in my opinion because it is an interesting story and arguably one that needs to be told and written and read but my problem with the book is that it is poorly executed and that’s really unfortunate. I wanted to like it, as much as it can be “liked”. I do think it deserves to be read. I just wish that it was better written. I adore Lisa Robertson’s work but up until now I had only read her in lit journals, which seems a bit of a crime. I really enjoyed The Weather from Sunday through Saturday. You can read Monday on the The Poetry Foundation’s website here and you can listen to Robertson reading Tuesday on the Coach House Books website here. [EDIT: not anymore, unfortunately.]
week two
I haven’t gone for a run in a couple days because it seems I’ve been going a bit hard over the past few days and on Sunday had a bout of macroscopic hematuria and the doctor said that maybe I should tone it down a bit for a bit and sent me for some blood tests just to make sure it was in fact my kidneys unable to process my body’s muscle cannibalizing and not, you know, cancer or an STI. “You didn’t by chance have beets yesterday, did you?” she asks. “I have to ask,” she says apologetically.

And damn it my knee hurts.

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