2020 week twenty three

Book Read
23. White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo

Kilometres Ran
week twenty three – 50.4

2020 to date: 1,441

I had to start somewhere so I went with the book that every white person seems to be reading right now thinking that it must be written by a BIPOC but no and it almost made me stop before I really got started plus a few voices online saying don’t read White Fragility read this instead (but I read it anyway). And it was good (and you should read it too if you haven’t already read it) but then maybe I should read something else *too* (and you should too probably). A friend suggest White Rage by Carol Anderson; another suggested How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. I’ve added both to my list.

Birthday Stanley Park loop.

I passed a semi-milestone birthday this week, which means that I’m in a new age group if we ever get to race again (for those races that have five-year age groups) and also means that my Boston Marathon qualifying time is now slower than my current personal best. In case we ever get to race again. Boston was cancelled this week. I think it was this week. Who can keep track anymore? One race series that still going on is the Mile2Marathon Virtual Race Series. Results from May were (rather quietly, ahem) posted online and I was right where I expected to be after my 5 KM performance – in the middle somewhere (but not the middle as in the middle prize winner, of course). Next up is the mile at the end of June and I’d like to see how close I can get to 5:20 so coach and I have been working on speed quite a bit and my body has said no. Specifically my right achilles and calf have said no. It’s not dire but it’s enough to make me pick up Chris Napier’s Science of Running from the coffee table and flip though and self diagnose and not be happy with the diagnosis so I’ll be contacting my physiotherapist this week and dialling back on the running (at least on the speed work) for a few days. Injury free since February 2019. I guess the streak had to end sometime.