2019 week two

Book Read
2. Sodom Road Exit – Amber Dawn

Kilometres Ran
week two – 26.1

To Date – 106 KM

Named one the Globe and Mail 100 favourite books of 2018 (I’ll take their word for it; the article is behind the G&M paywall), Sodom Road Exit tells the story of Starla returning to her home town and is haunted by her past and also haunted by the town’s past. I picked up a copy last summer and it sat in my to-read pile and then towards the end of the year we went to the Real Vancouver Writer’s Series event and Dawn read the opening few pages and I was hooked though there’s nothing about ghosts in the first few pages so imagine my surprise when the novel took a turn towards parapsychology. Should I have known? Who cares? Starla is no ordinary character, which you learn quite quickly as she breaks just about every horror story rule and survives. I really liked this book.

The Nation Run 2019
The Nation Run 2019. Photo via Vancouver Running Co. Instagram.

Last week I wrote about not getting injured in 2019 and then I woke up Monday morning and went to the office and my achilles was ah-killing me and then in the afternoon with it still aching I pulled off my sock to apply some Voltaren and my ankle was a ballon so I called my physiotherapist. I don’t make resolutions but if I did my resolution to not see my physiotherapist in 2019 lasted seven days. Turns out I have developed tendinopathy in my achilles and I have no idea how or why but I took the rest of the week off and then went out Saturday for the third-annual The Nation Run hosted by Vancouver Running Co.

I figured that I’d see how things felt and decide on-the-run whether to do the 10 or 15 KM options and at 9 everything felt fine and then at about 11.5 I thought to myself, “Ah crap that was dumb.” The event was pretty great with a great weather and a big, friendly crowd. But now I’m spending Sunday evening alternating an icepack and hot-pack on my achilles and wondering about the Icebreaker 8K I’m registered to race in seven days.