week forty three

Books Read:
53. Once in Blockadia — Stephen Collis

Kilometres Ran:
this week — 37.62
to date — 1,636.45

I picked up this copy of Once in Blockadia from the Talonbooks table at Word a few weeks ago and then flew away for a bit and forgot about it and then picked it up around the same time that the Standing Rock stuff was happening and just starting to get attention from the lamestream media, giving the sexual predator that’s running for the White House about a minute less free campaign ad airtime. And it’s really good and frustrating. I’m in the midst of half a dozen books right now and I somewhat doubt that any of them will get completed before the end of week forty four but maybe. It could happen.
I was sick most of this week (which makes my reading all the more patheticker) and didn’t do a whole lot of running but did get out three times but it was Saturday morning that was the kicker (literally) when I was coming along the Seawall by the Second Beach pool, right there near the 8 km marker and there’s an older woman up ahead and she has an umbrella because it’s raining but not pouring but wet and she coming toward me and I’m about to pass and she darts towards me and kicks me on my shin in what I guess was an attempt to trip me and shouts “get out of my face” and some other inaudibles and that’s a first. It was such a weird encounter I’m still not sure how to process it except that this person is probably either having a really bad day or is not right in the head and those are not necessarily mutually exclusive. And there were (surprisingly) quite a few other people running that morning and I wonder if anyone else got the galoshes greeting that I did.