2018 week forty one

Book Read:

Kilometres Ran:

To date: 2,161 KM

Kilometres Bicycled: 127.3 +

Not a lot of reading this week. By not a lot of reading I mean I’ve read most of a book that I was going to write about tonight but I didn’t quite get it finished so I’ll write about it next week. I also have a couple poetry books that I read a few weeks ago but haven’t written about them yet. Those will come when I’ve finished sorting out how I want to write about them. So, some week in the next eleven weeks those will show up too.

Not a lot of running this week either. The week has been spent not really being able to walk for a couple days after the Victoria Marathon last Sunday and since then a lot of time on the bike. After Victoria we went to the Island’s west coast and stayed a couple nights at the Black Rock Resort in Uclulet (highly recommend, maybe not for the service in the restaurants, but otherwise pretty great). On Tuesday morning I rode a stationary bike to nowhere for a while and then had my first elliptical experience. Otherwise, zero running. My physiotherapist encourages the bike for my particular knee issues. The weather has been spectacular, and looks to be for the coming week as well, so I’ve been taking advantage. Garmin has been having some trouble keeping up, it seems. I’m missing almost 12 KM from Friday’s ride home from the office. Today I took a long loop over the Second Narrows Bridge, through North Van and West Van out almost to Lighthouse Park and then back over the Lions Gate to home, and Garmin shows me teleporting around 6 KM. I’m not sure what’s causing these missing kilometres. I’m anxious to get back to running but I don’t want to push it either. Cycling is keeping me mostly sane, but I also have lingering in the back of my mind that each passing day, even with the pedals and the pool jogging, I’m losing a little bit of my endurance. The Fall Classic is just three weeks away, and with it my last chance in 2018 to break 90 minutes in the half marathon. I’m pretty well resigned to the fact that not going to happen. I’m not even sure it’s the course to do it on, let alone what my conditioning will be come November 4.