2019 week eight

Book Read
8. Bad Endings – Carleigh Baker

Kilometres Ran
week eight – 37.1

2019 to Date: 328

Bad Endings is a collection of 15 short stories by (currently) Vancouver-based writer Carleigh Baker. Many of the stories are also set in Vancouver, and one particularly depressing one is set in my hometown of Kamloops. Well, they’re all pretty depressing. The Kamloops one, though, crept up on me like, “this seems familiar, and not just the mood.” Sure, they’re dark and a few really do have bad endings but not badly written, just displeasurable – sort of like the ending of tonight’s Academy Awards that’s just wrapped up vying for my attention in the background. Baker has another piece (that I’m now even more looking forward to reading) in the Vancouver Noir collection that’s currently sitting in the to-read pile.

Ten weeks to go before the BMO Marathon and I’m still spending equal time riding a bicycle to nowhere as I am running. And could spinning a cycle training be any more boring? I thought that pool jogging was bad. Actually, pool jogging is probably worse. At least on a cycle trainer I can zone into something rather than just zoning out. So with a couple elastic bands I strapped my iPad onto the handlebars and cued up Netflix and tried to distract myself from the fact that not only am I not going anywhere, but on a whatever-the-opposite-of-smart-is cycle trainer there is zero coasting. Too bad The Punisher doesn’t have less coasting. I mean it’s okay but pick up the pace, please. Anyway, while BMO is t-minus-ten, WestVanRun is just one week away and just last night I noticed that they’ve changed up the courses for both the 5K and 10K both of which I’m going to race, and they look really fast. My plan was to chase a sub 20 in the 5K and go have a fun run for the 10K but now I’m wondering about chasing a 10K PB too the following day. I have no idea how that will go, but I really want to give both a try. I’m not letting Baker write the finale, though.