week twenty one

Books Read:
36. The Elegance of the Hedgehog – Muriel Barbery (in progress)

Kilometres Ran:
this week — 39.56
to date — 692.69

I’ve slipped into this routine of snoozing away my morning Skytrain commute, which has seriously hampered my reading. I’m enjoying this book, but I’m not really into this book. Yet. Maybe it’ll come. I’m not very interested in Renée Michel; I find her to be a bit too, I dunno, French? There’s something about her that I don’t really care for. Perhaps that will change. But for now I’m far more interested in angsty preteen, self described genius Paloma Josse though I have a feeling that she is going to get rather annoying quickly. I especially dislike the condescending decision to have Renée in serif and Paloma in sans serif, as if the reader is so daft as to not be able to figure out which one of the two first-person narrators is narrating. Rude.

No photo and quote this week; maybe next week if/when I finish this book.

It looks like I’m going to break 200 kilometres in May. That makes me happy but I’m a bit behind in my goal. Not insurmountably so, though. I wonder, though just how accurate my tracking is. I’ve lamented Fitbit and Strava in previous posts for their inability to maintain my confidence in their accuracy. Then the other evening I went to Ballet BC for Program 3 and while applauding the performance of Bill my Surge vibrated congratulating me on reaching my daily step goal. I guess clapping is exercise.