2019 week thirty four

Book Read
33. The Story of My Teeth – Valeria Luiselli

Kilometres Ran
week thirty four – 59.9

2019 to date: 1,619 KM

I went to the dentist the other day and it was fine and then at the end of the cleaning the hygienist said that the dentist will want to refer you to a specialist to have a look at those lesions in the back of your mouth and I said haha what is it mouth cancer because I’m hilarious and the hygienist and dentist both put on that face. You know the one. Then the dentist said “biopsy.” So, anyway, a couple weeks later the specialist office calls and books an appointment for a couple weeks later and so after about a month of thinking that I’m probably dying of mouth cancer, which to be fair was kind of asking for it throughout most of my twenties and thirties, I went to the specialist and he said that it is 99.9% nothing to worry about; however, he would still like me to see the doctor of oral medicine in September. So I’m probably not dying. I mean, we’re all dying but mine is probably not that accelerated. So I picked up this copy of the Christina MacSweeney translated The Story of My Teeth and it was really good. It has absolutely nothing to do with oral cancer but is much more hilarious than any mouth cancer joke that I might make in a dental office. I look forward to reading more of Luiselli’s stuff.

I found Gordon’s photographs from last weekend’s Seawheeze on the Marathon Photos website and if you’re completely confused then go back and read last week’s post. I’ll wait. Anyway, to my shock a few are not that bad and so in spite of my hatred of Marathon Photos I bought them because apparently you get all nostalgic (or vain?) when you think that you might be dying. However, this upcoming Saturday I’m going to try to give myself a heart attack again as I attempt to better my one mile personal best time of 5:52 with four laps around the track up at UBC at the final instalment of the Vancouver Distance Track Series. This event on August 31 features an 800, 10,000 and one mile distances. I missed the 5,000 back in mid-May but ran my first and only timed mile on the track and immediately thought I can do that faster. So we’ll see on Saturday. Although I’m seriously considering taking on the 800 too, and then cheer on the crazies running 25 laps before the one mile event. It’ll be a day-of decision.