snowed in in harrison

Books Read:
5. Inside of a Dog — Alexandra Horowitz
6. On Bullshit — Harry Frankfurt
7. The Last Gang in Town — Aaron Chapman
8. How Proust Can Change Your Life — Alain de Botton

Kilometres Ran:
week four — 40.9
week five — 12.1

To date: 228 km

It seems like I’ve been reading a lot when I put it here, but it doesn’t seem like a lot in real life (this isn’t real life this is the internet). Inside of a Dog was pretty good. It wasn’t really well written in that I think that it could have been maybe half its length, but it had a lot of information that I didn’t know, and I learned a few things that I thought I knew about dogs are, in fact, myth. I still don’t think I’ll get a mutt, but I’m closer to being talked into the idea. On Bullshit should be required reading for our time. Last Gang is about as much fun as nostalgia can be, I suppose. Proust didn’t change my life, but de Botton/Proust left me with some stuff to think about.

Running was pathetic, as you can see. I’m annoyed. I don’t know what I’m doing with this thing that I’m supposed to be doing called a “taper”. I’m probably doing it wrong. Week four was fine and then in week five I had planned to run Wednesday (and did) and then on Friday run over to Forerunners on West Fourth to pick up my race package for the Vancouver First Half, which I did not because it was a wet blizzard. Then I was going to do a short five-to-eight on Saturday but because I didn’t go to Forerunners on Friday I was going to do that on Saturday instead but the weather again was terrible and the weather doesn’t really bother me that much but the roads and sidewalks were predominately impassable. And then the news came that the Vancouver First Half was canceled. So I didn’t run this morning. I ran 12 kilometres this week and now I’m sitting in my hotel room that smells like vomit (not mine) at Harrison Hot Springs (that also has such terrible wifi that I’ve had to tether to my phone tor write this) for a week of CLC Winter School and it looks as though the only running I’m going to get to do this week is on a treadmill. I’ve never ever run on a treadmill, so that should be interesting. But I want to run to Sasquatch Park at least once. So we’ll see.