weeks forty + forty one + forty two

Books Read:
52. Tropic of Cancer — Henry Miller

Kilometres Ran:
week forty — 24.48
week forty one — 21.52
week forty two — 40.22
to date — 1,598.83

I started reading Tropic of Cancer while I was in Barcelona in the spring and I didn’t finish it and so I picked it up again while I was in Scandinavia and still didn’t finish it and it looks like I’m probably going to Ireland in the spring so maybe I’ll finish it then. I read a lot of stuff, just not books. Probably the most interesting was the exhibition on housing in Stockholm at the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design. So many problems that Vancouver shares, and so many solutions that Vancouver would never think of let alone even attempt to implement. In many ways it was a frustrating exhibition. Unfortunately there was no catalogue, but I photographed the entire thing as best I could. With ten weeks to go it look very unlikely that I’ll get to 95 books this year.

Wind farm out in the Øresund in Copenhagen
Wind farm out in the Øresund in Copenhagen

I didn’t run all that much but I did really enjoy running in another place and trying to figure out running routes and new scenery and weather to contend with and it was really great. I ran more in Copenhagen than I did in Stockholm but enjoyed running in Stockholm more. We were lucky in both cities because the flats we rented had excellent trails right outside their doors. Stockholm was chilly but Copenhagen was really windy. I don’t much mind wet, but I’m not a big fan of wind. With ten weeks to go I need to run about 40 km per week to make it to my goal. I can do it.