week eleven

Books Read:
22. The First Bad Man — Miranda July
23. Erec & Enide — Amy De’ath

Kilometres Ran:
this week — 42.62
to date — 342.73

I really liked Miranda July’s short story collection No One Belongs Here More Than You so I thought that I would like The First Bad Man and I didn’t to begin with and then I did later on towards the last third of the book. It had nothing to do with the fact that the entire time I was reading the book I was thinking that I know Cheryl Glickman in real life or at least I know someone that could convincingly play Cheryl in the film adaptation and it would be the easiest directorial project along the lines of you, you just be yourself. It’s the same way I felt watching Ben Affleck in Mall Rats. Kevin Smith just telling Ben to be his douchebaggy self and everything would be fine. Not that Cheryl is a douchebag, nor is the person I have in mind to play her. You know what I mean. I picked up Erec & Enide at an Amy De’ath & Anne Boyer reading at Or Gallery back in February. I’m a big fan of her and her work and I thought this was pretty great. De’ath is a British poet currently completing her PhD at Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Stephen Collis. I hope the Coast Salish territories gets to keep her around once she completes, though with her talent I’m not holding my breath.
week eleven
Running this week is bit deceptive because the number is decent but it includes a rather paltry 5.34 km today that followed a lunch at Nuba in Gastown. Suffice it to say Lebanese seasoned ground lamb and humous, though delicious, is not recommended pre-run meal unless running while carrying bricks in your stomach is your thing. It’s not my thing. I don’t believe in karma but sometimes when I’m out for a run and I get to (common for runners, so I’ve come to understand) wondering what exactly it is that I’ve done to deserve this feeling that I’m going to crap myself. The other day I was listening to Julie Moss talk about her first Ironman Triathlon in a Radiolab podcast. So I guess it happens to even the best of us.