week thirty nine

Books Read:
Hahaha hilarious.

Kilometres Ran:
this week — 44.79
to date — 1,512.61

Okay look I didn’t read at all this week. At. All. I’ve somehow mastered the fine art of catatonia. I can do it for hours. It’s especially useful on the Skytrain, but it has decimated my reading. No really, I’ve read nothing. Well not nothing nothing, but nothing of recordable substance. Not even an article that made me go, “Eh?” I have listened to this on repeat though.

I did go for a run a few times. Over the bridge again, and again with the butterflies in the stomach and the jello legs and the imminent fear that the bridge was going to collapse under the stomp of my runners pounding the pavement. In a week I’m getting on an airplane destined for two weeks in Scandinavia. SC has the window seat; I have a “sleep” mask.