forty two by forty two

Books Read:

Kilometres Ran:
week nine — 55.5

To date: 490 km

So I didn’t read anything this week. Well, I read some bits of some stuff and a couple New Yorker articles. And I signed up for the architecture course through Harvard online called The Architectural Imagination and I think I’m going to like it a lot so I’ll probably be talking about that for the next ten or so weeks. Maybe I’ll read some stuff too. Hey, it could happen. Stranger things have happened. For instance, did you notice this post isn’t covering multiple weeks?

For the record I abhor the RHCP

I got this lamebrained idea I’m not quite sure when exactly, but I’m pretty sure that it was while I was running, that I should run 42 kilometres on or around my 42nd birthday and then in the midst of the run I spent entirely too much time trying to figure out when I turn 42. So that’s embarrassing. But I’ll write about it, publicly, so now it’s comedy. Anyway, once I figured out that I turn 42 this June it did seem really lamebrain. I’ve said, out loud, that I have no interest in running a marathon and that I probably never will. But lately. Lately…. I ran 12-and-a-bit kilometres today, and/but my past three runs have been over 20 kilometres each and I’m well aware that 20 km isn’t exactly 42 km but the BMO Vancouver Marathon is nine weeks away and although I signed up for the half-marathon back in June of 2016 or whenever the super good deal was for past participants after spending the past 24 hours or so looking around for eight-week marathon training plans today I changed my BMO Vancouver registration from a half marathon to a full marathon and put down the $70 difference plus the $10 change fee plus Justin Trudeau’s share (I’ve decided to just imagine that all taxes go directly to him) so I guess I’m going to run 42 kilometres a little less than a month before I turn 42 years old. And just think, after that I’ll never have to do it again!

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