2018 week one

Book Read:
1. The Argonauts — Maggie Nelson

Kilometres Ran:
week one — 61.9

I finished off 2017 failing to read 95 books with not quite finishing Erin Wunker’s Notes from a Feminist Killjoy with the excuse that I wasn’t really interested in the last section that had to do with child raising so it seems rather odd that I start 2018 with a book that is, while about many things (as one would expect from a work within the unbeknownst to me genre of “autotheory”) focused a lot on Nelson’s pregnancy and raising her infant son Iggy. But I also had no idea what I was getting into; Argonauts was a book that just kept coming up in my various social media threads and appearing in the “hey you pay attention to me” place in various bookstores so I got a copy and read it. And it’s good. There’s a lot of name-dropping, but for once (in a long time at least) I knew most of the names, so it wasn’t as distracting as it could have been. This was my first Nelson experience, which may cause one of my three readers to gasp, but it made me curious to read more. So that’s pretty good I guess.

New Year's Day 2018
New Year’s Day 2018

And so on the morning of New Year’s Day I decided that I would run 21.1K. This was my first 21 since injury mid-September. I’ve lost a lot of endurance over the recovery. I probably shouldn’t have run this distance so soon. My physiotherapist probably hates me but probably doesn’t mind my generous extended-medical coverage. I wanted to test my mental and physical endurance to see where I’m at; body said stop, but brain said nah. So now I know. I can still pretty comfortably run 21 but I don’t think too much farther than that at this point, and I’m quite a ways behind the pacing I was at coming into the autumn of 2017. My first test is the First Half in five weeks. I’m ready to finish but I have a lot of speed work to do before then.

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