2018 week seven

Books Read:
7. American War — Omar El Akkad

Kilometres Ran:
week seven — 0

To date: 249 KM

Kilometres bicycled week seven: 103.4

When number forty-five was elected president I believed (hoped, maybe?) that the west coast states would secede. Or at least break out into civil war. It still could happen. I’m not so sure about British Columbia joining Cascadia but whatever. But now with this ridiculous trade war over wine and oil that B.C. is caught up in with the petulant, spoilt child that is Alberta, who knows. American War imagines America has finally caught up with reality and sees no future in fossil fuels but the South loses its mind being told it has to drive solar cars and so there’s a civil war. Sounds familiar, except wine. Or maybe sounds ominous. The book follows the life of Sarat Chestnut, not a northerner and not quite a southerner either. I really liked this book — a post-apocalyptic hellscape sans the nuclear winter. The scenario actually seems more plausible than the impending radioactive mass extinction that we’re currently potentially facing. For better or for worse (as far as reading is concerned, for worse) American War drew me back into playing Fallout 4. As if I needed another excuse. I thought this book was great, especially for being El Akkad’s first novel. His depiction of the war-torn South is vivid and the characters are very well developed. Plus a strong female protagonist that I cared about in spite of disagreeing with her. This is a good read.

Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment

I took the week off running after the knee twist and shout at the First Half last week. A trip to physio and for some ultrasound and electroshock therapy helped a bit. Dr. Physio and I had an honest and frank discussion. I have three races on the horizon: West Van 10K is one I’m not happy to but willing to burn. My eye is still on the BMO in May, but I’m starting to think half instead of full, and then a full in Kelowna or Victoria in the fall. Then Helsinki is towards the end of May and I really, really don’t want to be traipsing around Skandinavia on a reruined knee.

Good news is that Dr. Physio ruled out ACL or any tearing, but clearly my meniscus is not so happy. She said I can swim, but I hate swimming, and she said I can ride my bicycle. I don’t mind riding my bicycle so I did a fair amount of that. But I also went for a tour of the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre down on Hornby — the one I walk past going to and from physio. It seems nice, and SC has been going steady there longer than with me. She seems to like it, and it’s nearly half the cost of the Robert Lee YM on Burrard. So I’m considering forcing myself to go swim once or twice a week, hate it or not, and it will be nice to have access to bikes for those rainy days, even if those bikes go nowhere.

week twenty six

Books Read:
40. Oryx and Crake — Margaret Atwood

Kilometres Ran:
this week — 33.52
to date — 917.23

For the life of this journal I’ve posted books that I’ve read and I’ve linked them to where you can buy them and I always try to link back to the publisher especially since a lot of what I read comes from small presses and they deserve the tiny, utterly insignificant amount of traffic that I might in some parallel universe provide. And sometimes I read a book that really doesn’t need any help. Like this one. So I’ve decided that when I post such a title, from now on I’ll like to a good indie/used bookstore and you’ll have to click the link to see which one. But don’t worry, there’s no chance that we’re going to crash any websites with this little endeavor. And I’ll always set to open in a new tab, because websites that don’t do that are jerks. Yeah especially you, Wikipedia. I said last week that I was looking forward to reading Basma Abdel Aziz’s The Queue but instead I read Oryx and Crake and saved The Queue for next. I really liked this book and I’m interested in continuing the series. I thought Jimmy/Snowman was likeable. I did not like how things unfolded with Jimmy and Oryx and Crake at the end of the book; it felt rushed or something, and unfulfilling. Like when I finally finished the main storyline in Fallout 4 today and sort of went, huh, put down the controller and started reading The Queue.
week twenty six
I spent the long weekend visiting family in Victoria, which meant another 10 kilometre jaunt by Beacon Hill Park and out along The Breakwater around the lighthouse at the end and then back to Clover Point. And on Canada Day no less. I expected a nightmarish crowd of people, but the weather wasn’t all that great, so the strollers were rather thin. I never noticed before that the beach below the Terry Fox Mile Zero monument is named for Steve Fonyo. It doesn’t ever show up on Google Maps. I just noticed a little sign as I ran down Waterfront Trail. I don’t know why that’s significant. It probably isn’t.